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This angled modern glass watter pipe has been moulded with much care that might just be perfect for you!

Angled water pipes are a more modern glass design that is rising in popularity amongst all smokers with a sense of style!

Perfect For:

  • - Smooth Sailors
You enjoy a lighter bubbly smoke session instead of a "chugging" feeling.

The size and shape of the double chambers give it the capacity to hold large amounts of smoke, and therefore deliver amazing smoke!

DRUM PERC -The DRUM percolator starts the process of breaking up the smoke into lots of small bubbles that burst on the water surface with this bong you will have the perfect smooth hit!

SMALL DIRECT-INJECT (STEMLESS) - These modern-style pieces don't use a traditional downstem tube that submerges into the water which is the perfect angled modern bong just for you!