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Complexity at its finest!

This bong is a unqiue design that will intrigue almost anyone! Even the non-smokers!

Perfect For:

  • - The Multi-taskers

Enjoy a tabletop smoke sesh within arms reach at any time while you're working (or smoking). Work, Smoke, Sleep, Repeat.

DOME BASE - This classic bong has a creative custom DOME shaped base which stands perfectly and will "slow down" the smoke travel time from the bowl to the mouthpiece.

HONEYCOMB QUAD ARM TREE -Unique style perc that is equipped with 4 arms, each equipped with honeycomb percs in order toenable a perfect, filtered and smooth hit every time. At the first chamber, there is also a tree perc, where the smoke is first diffused, cooled and filtered.

DIRECT-INJECT(STEMLESS) -These modern-style pieces don't use a traditional downstem tube that submerges into the water which is the perfect classic modern bong just for you!