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Straight-tube water pipe are such a popular choice amongst smokers that there is just the right one for you!

This is a heavy, strong and fearless glass water pipe that will not break easily!

Perfect For:

  • - The Classic Bong Experience

The straight tube delivers the coolest smoking experience with bursting bubbles of splashing smoke in an upright bong.

Also has ice catchers for those who love a cool and filtered smoke!

BEAKER BASE - This classic water pipe has a creative BEAKER base that hold extra water and deliver a bigger and smooth smoke!

INLINE AND DRUM PERC - This piece has inline percolator which contains slits down the arm and cause bubble patterns and can also increase diffusion. The piece is also customed with an integrated drum percolator which cools everything down, breaks up smoke and helps to remove any carcinogens from the hit.

DIRECT-INJECT(STEMLESS) -These modern-style pieces don't use a traditional downstem tube that submerges into the water which is the perfect classic modern bong just for you!